Skid-mounted steam unit

For the Jumag compact, skid-mounted steam units, the chosen components such as steam boiler, water treatment module, blow-down vessel, etc are electrically wired,  piped and mounted on a base plate, ready for use.


Jumag steam boilers can also be delivered connection-ready as a compact, skid-mounted unit. For this all elements of the steam unit are assembled on an easily transportable base plate from stainless steel pans. For integration into the steam network only the media lines need to be connected. All other internal pipings and electrical connections are completed by Jumag. Even multiple units can be delivered as compact, skid-mounted steam units.

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  • Requires only a small space – thanks to optimised layout
  • mobile
  • Connection-ready and optimally piped – so that installation mistakes are avoided
  • Costs often less than installing on site
  • Components optimally matched with each other


The following components can be assembled to a compact, skid-mounted steam unit, for example:

  • Steam boiler
  • Water treatment module
  • Water input pipe module with water filter, water meter and backflow preventer
  • Water softener with brine tank
  • Feed water vessel
  • Feed water pre-heaters
  • Blow-down vessel
  • Sample cooler
  • Further accessories


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