For medium and long-term usage, leasing with individual terms is recommended. At constant rates and with a lower cost burden.

Your advantages:

  • Low cost burden via practical residual value calculations.
  • Protection of credit lines.
  • No trade tax burden.


If you don’t want to invest in a steam unit but need steam, we offer a variety of concepts. We invest a new system for you, operate it and you only pay for the steam you used.

Your advantages:

  • No capital investment.
  • The costs can be accurately calculated per kg of steam / vapour.
  • We operate, maintain and repair the steam unit at our own costs.

Rent to buy

If your want to rent a boiler and own it at the end, then "rent to buy" is a good option. With individual rates and timelines you can step by step own your boiler.

Your advantages:

  • No capital investment.
  • The equipment will be in your balance sheet.
  • Instant possibility of subsidy applications.


Whether short or long term: Jumag steam boilers can be rented for days, weeks, months or years. With a variety of rental units, you can be sure to get the unit that suits you.

We also offer steam units in completely pre-installed containers, so that the connection can be done quickly.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible coverage of your requirements.
  • No capital investment.
  • Deductible as a business expense.