Electric steam boiler

The JUMAG among the electric steam boilers – designed particularly for high demands: Optional all parts with water contact are made of stainless steet, modulating controlled heating elements and manufactured according to the valid DIN EN (European Industrial Standard)  for electric steam boilers.


Outputs of 10kw to 80kw

Modulating, high-quality heating elements

Requires no approval and monitoring in Germany and many other  countries

Stainless steel evaporatrion system in the form of a shell boiler

Maintenance-friendly due to horizontal design structure

Easy to operate with a touch-screen control avaiable in many languages

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High steam quality

  • Vaporation System out of high-quality stainless steel for generating clean steam
  • Large water surface area thanks to innovative design results in dry steam
  • Optionally with feed water pre-heating for partial degassing
  • Immediate load adjustment via electronic power control

Robust and low maintenance

  • Use of high temperature resistant heating elements with low surface load
  • The modulating control of the heating elements minimizes the load on the heating elements
  • Thyristors extend the lifespan of the electrical components
  • All components are made from rustproof materials (optionally from stainless steel) and therefore extremely long-lasting
  • No electrical peaks due to symmetrical power network loading

User friendly

  • Simple usage via intuitive touch-screen controls in many languages
  • No approval or monitoring needed in many countries, as approved by the latest European standard (DIN EN) for electric steam boilers
  • Good access for maintenance purposes via horizontally positioned, flanged heating elements
  • Optionally with automatic blow down or desalination

Flexible and simple

  • Optimal media connections on the upper side
  • Merging all ventilation lines to a connection port and all drainage lines to one connection
  • Possibility of full usage of the JUMAG accessory programme
  • Only requires a small space due to a compact design
  • Operating pressure EDI20/EDI40 up to 12.5 bars, working pressure 0,3 bars to 11 bars
  • Operating pressure EDI53/EDI80 up to 12.5 bars, working pressure 3 bars to 11 bars
  • Casters for simple transport or frequent changing places


The Jumag electric steam boiler is particularly user-friendly and robustly designed.

  • Via the touch screen control with clear instructions it is easy to operate
  • Wide-ranging possibilities for the controls means that the Jumag electric steam boiler adapts to your requirements (automatic blow-down, external pressure requirements, timing circuits…)
  • Thanks to good access, it is easy to maintain
  • Due to the placement of the heating elements, they have a long lifespan. Using the electrical power controls, the load of the heating elements is adjusted for requirements
  • Through the design of the pressure vessel it is easy to clean and keep the steam dry
  • Casters under the Jumag electric steam boiler allow for easy transport
  • Due to combined connections, installation is relatively simple
  • All components are made out of rustproof materials (mainly stainless steel)

The Jumag electric steam boiler functions according to the operating principle of a shell boiler. Using a pressure pump the feed water is heated in the pressure vessel by means of heating elements and then evaporated. The heating elements are controlled depending on the steam pressure. Depending on the water level in the pressure vessel, the feed water is replenished by means of the boiler pump in the pressure vessel. The Jumag electrical steam boiler is fully equipped with an optional feed water vessel and a feed pump. The blow-down vessel and water treatment can be connected optionally.

The working pressure can be continuously adjusted depending on the design from 0,3 bars/3 bars to 11 bars.


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